a brief history

Frank's roots

So my (twin) sisters got their driver licenses years before me. Oddly, mom always sent me along when they ran errands. Probably as a junior informant. But they blasted Motown in that car. That music grabbed my musical genes by the collar and sank in good. And that neighborhood echoed The Beatles, The Doors, CSN&Y, every summer.

Then in '73 I got a guitar. My brother, Jerry, had been playing drums in the garage maybe a year before he allowed me and my axe in. We soon became the anchor to numerous bands. Jerry had a habit of firing our vocalists, claiming his guitar playing brother sang better than them. So I accept the title "singer". But I love my guitars.

I have always been an audio aficionado so when Covid threw me into a one-man-band mode, I made a personal commitment that I could and would move people as much as a band could, alone. And I love connecting with those of you who let these great songs wash over you like an unexpected friend appearing at your party.

So dress up, get out, come on down, tell me what you want  to hear and I promise we will make and share memories.